Do you want to switch to a Career in Tech?


  • Become a skilled Software Test Engineer and work completely remotely or anywhere you choose to work from.
  • Get positioned and well known within the tech community and keep getting recruiting managers sending you DM of job opportunities from your Linkedln Page.
  • Do your interview with a tech firm, get the offer letter that comes with pecks like a working Laptop computer, monthly data, and electricity stipend with a good six-figure salary to start with.

But right now, you don't feel it is possible because:


You are so busy with your 9-5 job and you don't even think there can ever be time for you to learn or start a new career.


You don't know where to start from. You kept abandoning various courses because you don't have that instructor-to-you guide.


You feel tech is so complex and there are so many tech experts already, you don't even know how well you need to study to be good enough and become one of the sort-after Software Engineers.


You are wondering how soon you can start earning as high as you are earning now from your current job in a new tech career.

Be inspired by
Ibironke’s story


CSP and Receptionist

March 2016

When I started working, like I usually call it, "my first life", I use to work as a Customer Service Personnel and Receptionist. In a typical Nigerian firm, you know how complex your responsibility can be with just one job title. I do this daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and on some days, I pick up shifts even on weekends.

I would leave my house as early as 4:30 am just to get to the office at average around 7:48 am, particularly for the traffic-friendly environment, so sad.

I did this for 2years and some months. In a real sense, this job was gradually draining me. I barely had time for myself. Spending quality time with friends and family was what I love to do the most but this is not even in view with this job. I needed a fresh start but I don't know what to do considering this is a well-paying job, or so I thought. With the new waves of "Tech being the new oil", I wanted to dive into Tech considering all the perks attached to it been Software Engineer.

I used to see young guys and ladies go around with their Macbook laptop (Macbook was like a big girl thing for me then), drive their car, buying properties with a legal paying job (not Yahoo), and they receive perks like working completely remotely where they get to work from the comfort of their home (I didn't even believe there could be a life where I would work without Lagos traffic stress ), get resounding six-figures salary monthly as a Career Beginner, spending more quality time with family, and even have time to travel and do all sort of interesting things in Life.

I felt it could have only been a wish and my fantasies for me considering I don't even have any Software Engineering educational background. I didn't even see the possibility, so I concluded it was a Career for those Science graduates who went to the best of the universities.


While in my life-draining job, I decided to give my fantasies a try. I researched the various tech roles and I decided to give Software Testing a shot, knowing full well I don't need to know any programming language or coding before I start a career in tech and earning well in it.

So instead of wasting away, doing a job that wasn't me, I converted my time in traffic daily to a more productive time. I used this period both in the morning (when going to work) and at night (when heading back home) to study for myself, knowing what I want to achieve and become in just 1 year.

In doing so, I discovered my framework for starting a new career in tech, the 'Switch to Software Testing' Framework.

I followed my framework and successfully switched to a Software Testing Career. Ever since then, I started living my 'New Life' where I earn more than enough while remote and spending quality time with my family.


In this new life, I have achieved practically everything I fantasized about tech. I work with companies internationally while residing here in my amazing Whitehouse in Ibadan, Oyo state.

I'd travel anywhere any day I want if I'm bored or want to. Of course, working from home has allowed me to spend quality time with my family.

I no longer rush to the bathroom at 4 am to beat the traffic rather I wake up at the sound of my alarm at 7 am to prepare for resumption online by 8 am. Of course, I own my MacBook and I can say I'm financially secured.

It didn't take a night to figure it all out or get to this point. I did not know what to expect when I started my Software Testing Career. Well, here we are. I have figured it all out, scaled through great milestones, and have transformed my life completely as a result.

Software Testing is a Career you can start regardless of what you studied in school or the stage you currently are at work.

I teach how I got this transformation in my proven framework, "Switch to Software Testing"

Course Overview

Switch to Software Testing Course is a 90-days program that guides to transition from a non-techy mode to becoming an employable Software Testing Professional.

The course will help you switch into the tech space and become a software tester even if you don’t have a background in IT.

There are Six Major Modules in this Course:
  • Harness the Understanding Of Products
  • Design a Fulfilling Software Testing Career Map
  • Develop Your Software Testing Career Portfolio
  • TestProof to Demonstrate Your Automation Expertise
  • Deploy and Ready to Land the Job Market Reformed
  • Maintenance Essentials through Community Care







Course Module

There are five modules broken down into different topics. Each module contains easy to follow videos, tech training, formulas, templates, scripts and workshops



Design Your Software Testing Career RoadMap

5 Topics
10 hours

In this module, we will be revealing your in-born Software Testing skills, Develop your Software Testing Career roadmap, teach you how to become a sourced Tester in the tech community, and how to position yourself for the right job.



Develop a Professional Software Testing Skill

5 Topics
10 hours

In this module, we will be working on already developed live projects that will help you carry out all the activities expected from a software tester on a project in other for you to have a good hands-on experience. It is fully practical.



Go Pro With Your Testing Skill

5 Topics
10 hours

In this module, we will be teaching you how to test like a professional. Advancing your testing skills with test automation is a high-on-demand skill in the industry. Having this will single you out like from millions of Software Testers in your community. You will become the hiring manager's top pick.



Land Your First Job as a Tester

5 Topics
10 hours

It is not enough to have the right skill. Don't expect companies to just catch you because you apply for their vacancies, you will know how to position yourself and land your dream job. In this module, you will know how to be intentional about the kind of company you apply to and how to apply to them in order to get that congratulatory offer letter in your mail.

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Rabiat’s story


I don't have an IT educational background (I'm a graduate of History), I was always busy from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily and barely having a life to do a new study, coding was not even my thing. But I wanted more out of life even though I was earning well.

I want to dive into tech but the issue is where do I start from considering all my objections above. I have taken some courses before now but I barely know how to start and get fully integrated into the tech world.

I applied for this program in October 2020 and it became a total career game-changer. The flow, pace, and every resource were curated to pick me up from level zero to an expert level within 3 months. As of January 2021, you will hardly believe I have never worked as an IT professional before then. With Testify guide, I aced my interview with OZE (A StartUp based in Ghana) and I resumed as a Software Test Engineer in March 2021. I can't thank Testify enough for the knowledge, skill, and life-changing opportunity to learn from them.

I work remotely, better pay than my former role and I have my time to do other life-interesting activities. If you have ever thought of switching to tech from any non-tech field, I will say this is your best starting point.

What you will get

12 weekends live coaching calls

Guide on how to ace an interview

Testify Certificate of Completion

Exclusive access to career switch to software hub

How we will support you

We provide learning and career support for our students during and after their training with us

You are never studying alone. During the 90 days, you will be assigned to an instructor, who will be able to put you through any issue you encounter while carrying out your hands-on practical task. You can get individualized responses and direct feedback on your work
You will have access to everyone who is/has ever taken the Switch To Software Testing Program through a private group. This network alone is golden. They can give you feedback on your work, support you in doing your task, show you easy solutions and encourage you to keep moving, etc
If I notice that a lot of people are struggling with a particular task, I can pop up a live Google-Meet call to answer questions live so that you can keep moving. The recording of this session will remain in the group in case you miss the live session.

What our students are saying

I was never alone throughout my learning journey here. I Had The Best Study Team Ever: Teammate, Experts as Mentors, and Ibironke!

You can achieve all you set your heart to!

What your salary growth could be in 4 years

At entry-level, you will earn an average of N170k per month – N2.04M in a Year.

After year one, you will earn an average of N265k per month – N3.18M in a Year.

You will move to another company, and You can earn an average of N320k per month – N4.88M in a Year.

Total Amount you can earn in 3 years: N6.44M If you are an experienced professional, the salary range is dependent on the organization's salary band for your years of experience.

It's Time To Make The Career Switch.

Once you’ve made the payment, send us a message

If you have any additional questions about payment or the course, you can speak to us via whatsappwhatsapp or send us an email and we'll be happy to support you.


₦220,000 / $360


  • Get Enrolled Into the program
  • Payment can be made from any country and in any currency with our CARD payment option
Pay with:
bank transferbank transfer


N120,000 / $200 (Twice)


  • Get Enrolled Into the program
  • You are expected to make the next Installments one month into the program
  • Payment can be made from any country and in any currency with our CARD payment option
Pay with:
bank transferbank transfer

Meet The Creator of the Switch to Software Testing Framework

Ibironke Yekinni


In this new life, I'm a Senior Test Engineer. I have worked and presently working in one of the top tech companies in Africa, Yes! Africa at large not just in Nigeria. I'm the Lead Organizer for the Largest Testing Community in the world "The Ministry of Testing", the Lagos Nigeria branch. I'm the Founder of SheTestAfrica (a platform for empowering women to become skilled experts in their Software Testing Careers via various resources, events, and conferences). I've spoken as a Test Expert at various Tech global conferences like Google Developers Group, Ministry of Testing Accra, e.t.c

I was the program manager and asst. general secretary for the Nigeria Testers Community (2018-2020) where I have initiated, co-planned, and spoken in events like AMA for Testers, QA Summit, and other conferences. I'm the instructor for the Switch to Software Testing Career Framework. I have taught over 2000 people in the last 3 years with tangible career and live transformation results.

Stanley’s story


Before participating in the Software Testing Program, I was working as a Solar Installer in Imo State, Nigeria. My brother introduced this program to me and I was quite afraid as I don't feel I have any business in IT considering my educational background and work experience.

I applied for the program and I was thrilled at how I was transformed in 3 months. I have learned so much than I could have imagined. I graduated as top 3 in the program and Testify Limited offered me a 3 months internship immediately. I have barely worked for Two (2) months when companies started sending me offers to work with them. Just 5months away from level zero about tech, I now work as a Software QA and Test Engineer in an IT Firm.

I will say, I did not only Switch into Tech then Software Testing, my life was transformed as a result of one single decision to say YES with Testify.

I cannot thank Testify enough for the values, and knowledge they passed on to me as well as a Life Transforming experience. My team members were the best. Ibironke, you are a great mentor and I'm keeping the Testify Flag Higher every day! If you are ever thinking of a Career Switch into Tech, this should be your starting point.

What you need to enrol

A Functioning Laptop

A Windows PC is fine and if you have a MacBook Laptop already, it's fantastic. Just ensure it has at least 4 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD. Every other thing is an ad-on.

Access to Internet

Please get a good modem for the network that works best in your environment and subscribe for monthly data to avoid unexpected disconnection while learning.

Access to Electricity

Either with PHCN or Generator or Solar Power, ensure you have access to the electricity.

Are you ready to switch to Software Testing?





Frequently Asked Questions

What is the start date of the course and duration?

The next cohort starts at the beginning of every quarter in the year. Kindly visit our instagram social media page (@testify_academy) for the next start date or speak to someone from our team on 09058820971. Note that the program runs for a duration of 3 months

Can I pay installmentally and how many times?

Yes, you can. You can pay twice. Please visit the payment Link.

How do I secure a spot in the next cohort and when will it be?

Payment secures a spot in the cohort for you. Use any of our payment method to make your payment and send the evidence of payment to

Can I make a direct transfer to your account?

Yes. You can. Kindly make payment to our dollar account details below:
Account Name: Testify Limited
Account Numbers:
NGN: 5600730367
USD: 5250300666 ($1 = N610)
Kindly send the evidence of payment to

We know you have more questions and clarifications to make and we have answered them all in our short video.   .   (+234)905-882-0971




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